Mamba GaGa Supports The UNTOLD Foundation for Concussion Awareness

Sports and physical activities are an incredibly important aspect of the development of our youth.  Beyond just physical development, they help our children learn social skills, healthy emotional responses, and build their self-esteem.  But like many aspects of life, these benefits can also be accompanied by risks.

One of the risks of participating in sports is sustaining a concussion. My nephew Alexander suffered a series of concussions playing ice hockey.  While trying to recover from this, he took his own life. In the aftermath of this, my sister and brother-in-law have learned much about the link between concussions and suicide.  I recently heard that as many as a third of people who sustain concussions have suicidal thoughts afterwards.

As a parent myself, I naturally want to protect my children while also encouraging them to participate and reap the important benefits that sports and other games and activities can provide.  Educating ourselves and our children about the effects of concussions can help us achieve this balance.  As the owner of Mamba GaGa LLC, I am excited to offer a way for kids to participate in the fantastic physical and social game of gaga ball and equally excited to help sponsor the organization created in his honor – The UNTOLD Foundation.  

Please visit The UNTOLD Foundation to learn more.

I also want to share this post from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) via The UNTOLD Foundation’s blog:

Concussion Mythbusters

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